Celebrating Success

Congratulations to the Capital Campaign Alumni Committee.  $100,118.61 raised from 300 alumni from 46 classes plus Bishop Burke High School!  A goal was set, a challenge given and natives of Gloversville stepped up. Despite meeting its initial goal, the Alumni Committee is reaching higher. Will you help?

5 new classes have joined the challenge 1953, 1974, 1987, 2013, and 2014. Welcome.

The top five classes are:

1964 - $31,906.35
1962 - $10,968.52
1956 - $8,497.00
1966 - $8,325.18
1965 - $8,169.20

Visit the Campaign's Appeal Page for all the details.

Did you know that any Class raising $1,000 or more is entitled to have their Class name permanently displayed in the library?

Did you know that any Class raising $5,000 or more is also entitled to a naming opportunity of a furnishing, room or area in the library?

Can your class compete? Contact Merry Brown, the Alumni Chair, at m-brown-172@hotmail.com for details on starting your own class challenge.