And the nominees are....

Well, we don't know yet.

The nomination period for the 3rd annual Gloversville READS! is officially open, and everyone in the community is asked to put forth their favorite read for 2014.

Nominations will be accepted between Monday, October 28th through Tuesday, November 26th, 2013.  The Library is offering two different ways community members can nominate a title (and author); using a paper ballot or an electronic submission.  Paper nomination forms are available at the Library, on posters around town, and in the Leader-Herald on Mondays throughout the nomination period.  Folks can submit online by going directly to SurveyMonkey ( or using a QR code with the SurveyMonkey address imbedded. 

The first READ held in 2012 focused on baseball and featured the title Shoeless Joe by Ray Kinsella.  The 2013 title, Following Atticus, was chosen by community vote and was celebrated by a variety of programs including a visit by the author Tom Ryan, Atticus himself and their new family member, Will.

A good READ title brings a community together through a common book.  By reading, discussing, and exploring the topic with related programming a community strengthens its commitment to reading while finding out new details about itself and its citizens. Following Atticus certainly accomplished those goals. 

Community-wide voting to choose the winning book will take place after the first of the year.

2014 read logo.jpg

READ 2013: Children & Youth Companion Books

 The GESD elementary schools will be participating in the READ using Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine, and a Miracle as a companion book. 


Nubs embodies the same themes of loyalty and friendship between a dog and his human found in Following Atticus. 

Companion books are an excellent way to involve the younger members of a community. 

Middle School students will be following Tom and Atticus’ adventures on their blog, Adventures of Tom and Atticus.

High School students will have access to Following Atticus in ebook format and should check with their teachers about extra credit opportunities. 

All of the GESD schools will also have collection bins for donation items for the shelters. 

Visit the Library’s website for puzzles related to Following Atticus and Nubs.