Fulton County Genealogy Data

Beginning of legal requirement of recording of all births, deaths, marriages in New York State.

Recording in Fulton and Montgomery counties as far back as these dates.

Gloversville Dept. of Health
Birth and death search via dates possible. Employee performs it.

Johnstown Dept. of Health
Birth and death search via names possible. Employee will probably do it.

Index of marriages available at virtually any courthouse

All records available, any year. Birth includes child, mother, mother's maiden name and her parents. Similar for father - plus age and occupation. May list number of previous births of mother or if any stillborn

Illegitimate children
Used to be indicated by OW (out of wedlock). Father often not listed, sometimes mother unlisted

Fulton County—Deeds 1970–1835/6
are filed in Fonda, but copies are available at Fulton County

1845 Census
Heads of family listed

1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 Census
All members listed in Federal Census

State Census
May be more accurate. More information. Ages of children, how long at a certain occupation may be included

Immigration Records
Available at port of entry. (Some in Washington D.C., Boston, and especially New York City)

Tree Talks Genealogical Magazine
Gloversville Free Library and Johnstown Public Library have some issues

DAR Lineages
Indexed by name, usually of person in the Revolutionary War

DAR Patriot Index
Also for Revolutionary War Ancestors

Families of Mohawk Valley
(Reynolds family memoirs) Grossly unreliable. A guide only, but information must be proven elsewhere

Name Changes 
If legal, in county records

Montgomery County Department of History and Archives 
Excellent department in Old Court House. Material indexed; Church and cemetery records copied during W.P.A. days

New England Historical & Genealogical Register