2015 Election

This year's vote will be held on Tuesday, May 5 from 11 am - 8 pm.  Polls will be located at the Gloversville Public Library, 58 E. Fulton Street, Gloversville, NY 12078.

Absentee ballots are available.  Complete and return the Absentee Ballot Application to receive an Absentee Ballot.

In addition to to the election of trustees, the following proposition will be voted on:
"Shall the sum of $276,321 be levied and collected yearly as a tax upon the taxable real property within the Gloversville Enlarged School District to support library services provided for the benefit and free use on equal terms of all the residents of the School District?”


Merry Dunn Brown
Pat(ricia) Donovan
Wanda Prew
Bios available here

Library Trustee openings

As a public library the 9 trustees that govern the Library are elected by voters in our service area.  The election is held the first Tuesday in May each year.

Candidates for the board must 1. reside in the Gloversville Enlarged School District, 2. be over 18 years of age, 3. file a petition  with the Library that contains with 25 signatures of registered votes.

The most important qualification is a strong and genuine belief in public libraries and their mission in the community as centers for information and referral, recreation, and lifelong education.  A candidate must also be willing to devote appropriate time and effort to carrying out the duties and responsibilities of trusteeship.

This year we have 3 seats opening up.  Two (2) 5-year terms and one (1) 2 year term.  Candidates with the most number of votes will receive the 5-year terms.  The candidate with the 3rd most votes will receive the 2-year term.

Trustee packet
Trustee petition - (8.5 x 14" legal paper)
Packets and petitions are also available at the Library.