Capital Campaign received $1,000,000!!!

Pulitzer Prize winning author Richard Russo, Honorary Chair of the Gloversville Public Library Capital Campaign, announced at an October 29 event at the Library a gift to the Campaign of $1 Million from The Lucius N. Littauer Foundation. The Foundation, located in New York City, was founded by Lucius N. Littauer, a Gloversville, NY born and raised businessman, member of congress and philanthropist.

The gift significantly advances the goal of the Capital Campaign to modernize and expand the Library, which was built in 1904 and has never been significantly renovated.  

"In view of the Foundation’s ties to Gloversville, our historic commitment to libraries, and our current interest in economic development, the Gloversville Public Library Restoration and Expansion Project is a unique opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of people in a community that remains important to us," stated Robert Frost, Littauer Foundation President in a letter to the campaign. 

For more information about the project visit the campaign page or contact the campaign office: 518-725-2819,

Gloversville Public Library Capital Campaign Reaches Milestone

Christine Pesses and Elizabeth Batchelor, co- chairs of the Gloversville Public Library Capital Campaign, announced today that the Campaign has reached 500 donors to the project. “This number is a milestone,” said Pesses, “and it represents 500 people who support the future of the Gloversville Library as an anchor institution in our community.” The 500 donors have helped to raise $2.5 million dollars toward the renovation project. Batchelor added that the 500 donors understand that Gloversville’s future is tied to the future of the Library.

The Capital Campaign, sponsored by the Gloversville Library Foundation, began raising funds two years ago in order to completely modernize the Library, which was built in 1904 and has never been updated. Funds raised by the Capital Campaign will address the need to upgrade all systems, including replacing the original 110-year-old furnace, and to provide access to all levels by adding an elevator. A significant change will be to the children’s space. The entire lower level will be transformed into a Youth Center with space specifically devoted to encouraging parents, children and teens to become acquainted with books and comfortable with current-day interactive learning materials.

Library Director Barbara Madonna said she is looking forward to the construction’s completion. “This is such an important project. We are truly transforming a 19th-century library into a 21st-century resource and learning center.”  Madonna noted that while the Library will always provide books and traditional library resources, with the renovation the public will be better served. “Coming to the renovated Library will be a totally new experience," she said.

For more information about the project or the Gloversville Public Library Capital Campaignclick on the Campaign logo. If you wish to have a tour of the Library and see the plans for the renovation, please contact Cathy in the Campaign office at 725-2819, or email to set up an appointment.