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Mission Statement

Your Library: a gathering place where you can learn, grow, and enjoy.

Our Staff


Valerie Acklin, Library Director
Darla Barry, Library Assistant
Bailey Darling, Library Clerk
Jameson Duross, Library Assistant
George Emden, Maintenance
Nicole Hauser, Librarian II
Lex Lanza, Librarian I
Barbara Madonna, Librarian I
Sally Ostrander, Senior Library Clerk
Shari Peto, Library Clerk


Kimberly Collar, Library Clerk
Linda Conroy, Senior Library Clerk
Gabrielle Duplessis, Library Clerk
Darcelle Etkin, Library Clerk
Daniel Kiernan, Library Clerk
Jeff McClary, Custodial Workers
Christine Prokopiak, Library Assistant
Madison Smrtic, Library Clerk
Kathy Sponenberg, Library Clerk